Lifi Hacker

Learn how to hack Lifi the fastest internet speed connection via LiFi Hacker for Android, PC, iOS and Mac devices. This is the latest wireless communication that is 100 times faster than WiFi! Isn’t it amazing? What does it mean? Li-Fi or Light Fidelity was invented by Harald Haas, a Mobile Communications professor. This new network technology uses visible infra-red near to ultraviolet instead of radio frequency waves that carries more data and the ultimate solution to bandwidth problems that will normally causes low internet connection in our device. Harald Haas first introduce LiFi with just a flickering light from the LED that transmitted high volume of data than a cellular tower on 2011.
lifi hacker

How To Hack LiFi on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, PC (Windows) and Mac

In order to hack or bypass any LiFi connection we need to understand the process or how it works. LiFi was first designed for industrial environment like offices where wireless communication is done through the power of light bulbs as routers. LiFi is much more different than WiFi because it can only penetrate inside the walls which give hackers the difficulty to bypass it’s connection.

In 2016, Apple made a hybrid Li-Fi wireless data for iOS phone way better from a traditional design environment. With this new version, data is transmitted in a rapid light modulation source and received by a light sensor before converted into an electronic signal that can be use in any mobile device.

LiFi is absolutely useful for all platforms devices from iPhone, iPads, Windows PC, Mac, Tablets, Smart Phones and etc. This is one the greatest achievements in wireless communications technology.